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This is an activity that provides the student with the graph of the derivative of a function and asks the student to use... see more

This stand-alone instructional resource allows students to explore how to graph the equation of a line written in... see more

This is an activity that provides the student with the graph of a function and asks the student to use the mouse to... see more

'IFormulas provides an clean slate to effortlessly look up mathematical formulas. Categories : Algebra, Calculus,... see more

This activity provides practice for constructing confidence intervals and performing hypothesis tests. In addition, it... see more

The t-distribution activity is a student-based in-class activity to illustrate the conceptual reason for the... see more

This site contyains an interactive tool that allows the user to approximate the value of the integral of a function using... see more

This activity will allow students to learn the difference between observational studies and experiments, with emphasis on... see more

IP Explorer enables branch and bound using the simplex method to be applied to an integer programming (IP) problem. The... see more

This is a free, easy-to-use tool that can be used to create custom Jeopardy game questions available online. It can be... see more

This site contains several JSP-Maple applications to Multivariable Calculus. The applications are interactive and work... see more

Explore Kirigami - the art of paper cutting. Draw a polygon on the paper wedge and see the resulting unfolded figure.

Online Brain Training Games to improve memory and attention.

Are you looking for free math basketball games that you can play online? On this website you can find a variety of games... see more

Solve the math as fast as you can to get the highest score possible.  Challenge your friends and have fun playing... see more

'This program is dedicated to showing you a variety of interesting math tricks that will help you solve some basic math... see more

'All MATHsKOOL apps contain 12 activities. They provide relevant theory, problems, solutions and full working showing... see more

Number Place is very simple puzzle.

'You’ve played games forming words from letters, but how well can you form equations from numbers?  Numbler is a game... see more

Contains Preparation to Mathematics Placement Tests.

This site contains an interactive tool that  allows the user to plot algebraic or trigonometric functions on the polar... see more

Distribution property of vector multiplication

A geometry question relating to analysys