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""In this applet, you are provided with a representation of a pond with an inflow stream and an outflow stream. Using the... see more

In this activity (on page 6 of the PDF), learners plot the path of the sun's apparent movement across the sky on two... see more

This is a java application to simulate the magnetic striping that results from sea floor spreading combined with magnetic... see more

In this activity, learners use aluminum trays and wooden blocks to form stream tables to investigate river formations in... see more

The Sun-Earth Media Viewer is a Flash-based interactive tool kit built to support NASA/SECEF’s major public outreach... see more

This guided inquiry three-part activity engages learners in thinking about the mechanism of natural selection through... see more

This guided inquiry three-part activity engages learners in thinking about the mechanism of natural selection by... see more

Esta actividad ilustra cómo se utilizan las ondas sísmicas para determinar la magnitud de un terremoto y para localizar... see more

This networked laboratory simulation provides an environment in which students can select from hundreds of standard... see more

A curriculum development project for high school and undergraduate students that uses real-time environmental date to... see more

In this activity, learners estimate how much water they think can be found in various locations on the Earth in all its... see more

In this interactive and informative group activity, learners use packages of M&M's to illustrate the difference between... see more

Make a Quake is an interactive computer program designed to explain what kind of damage occurs during an earthquake to... see more

The Fossil Virus (Omega Pack) is a learning module centered on the adaptation and evolution; it is a part of the Kinetic... see more

This interactive addresses the question if we can reduce CO2 emissions by 20% of 1990 levels and help avoid dangerous... see more

'A major solar flare erupts on the sun. Before long, your phone chirps in your pocket to let you know! Pulling out your... see more

Although few weather phenomena have the ability to affect weather on a global scale, the jet streams are one such... see more

In this activity, learners explore the different salinities of various sources of water by taste-testing. Learners will... see more

In this activity, learners construct a coastal landmass from sand and add features such as tidal creeks and barrier... see more

In this quick and easy activity and/or demonstration, learners illustrate the effect of the weight of air over our heads.... see more

This demonstration is designed to show how the inputs and outputs of energy or mass in a system balance. Students create... see more

In this activity, students create a reservoir model using hoses, a bucket, a flat pan, and water, to understand the... see more