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Proverbs, slang, common conversation strategies and more for English language learners.

An Eiffel Tower webquest for advanced learners of French and French culture.

Learn to speak Arabic: from grammar, vocabulary, expressions, phrases and more.

Metasite for ESL/EFL that includes language learning activities, games, readings, songs with lyrics, chat opportunities,... see more

Site offers 10 free video units with accompanying grammar exercises. Topics include greetings, numbers, and... see more

Podcast for those who want to improve their Russian listening comprehension and expand their vocabulary through listening... see more

A variety of advanced materials with audio and interactive exercises for intermediate and advanced students

'A tongue-in-cheek demo of New York City's varied accents by each borough: The Bronx, Brooklyn, Queens, Staten Island and... see more

English grammar exercises for learners of ESL.  The English Center provides Gallaudet students with help in understanding... see more

Vocabulary building for ESL learners. Provides study guides and activities for all levels, as well as work on idioms and... see more

An excellent set of links to independent work with grammar, listening, speaking, reading, and writing for learners of... see more

Part of the larger English Club site, a guide for English as a second or foreign language learners for effective public... see more

French grammar for your iPod.

Learn Irish language and culture.

Authentic Australian media, activities and resources  for English language learners.

Radio Arlecchino, produced at the College of Liberal Arts, University of Texas at Austin, provides free audio lessons to... see more

A collection of photographs of Thai signs for learners of the Thai language.

ESL practice in listening-speaking, conversation, composition, critical thinking, American culture. Focus on video... see more

An online MOO community designed for learners of ESL. A menu of commands is used to find one's way around campus and... see more

The Moonlit Road is an online storehouse of Southern culture and folklore.

Vocabulary-building drills for multiple languages.

The International Children's Digital Library (ICDL) is a research project funded primarily by the National Science... see more

Learn Arabic with free MP3 audio podcasts, lesson transcripts and downloads.