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This interactive, applet-based site steps the student through the process of identifying an equation as an ellipse or... see more

An online Heuristic Algorithms text

Visualizing a hypercube, one step at a time.

Generate and animate fractals generated by Iterated Function Systems.

A large collection of information on knot theory.

A large collection of tutorials, including solved and unsolved problems

This is a subpage of the Maths Online collection of interactive material at the lower division college mathematics level.... see more

Percolation Applet nicely demonstrates concepts associated with site percolation in a two-dimensional square lattice.

A thorough treatment of the unforced spring mass system.

This module provides a summary and motivation for the various properties of the gradient such as being the direction of... see more

Visually demonstrates the relation between constant velocity motion on a circle and sine wave generation

This site offers a detailed chronology on the history of computing

Notes for a lecture on catastrophe theory presented by E.C. Zeeman at Trinity University in San Antonio, March 1995.

An introduction to catastrophe theory, with demonstration applets.

Brazil is a freely downloadable executable program that uses iterated function systems to create fractals. The graphical... see more

Slope Field Lab is an applet that allows students to quickly plot slope fields and solution curves for first order... see more

An enormous collection of links to math sites.

This applet presents a variety of visual fraction comparison exercises. It is part of the National Library of Virtual... see more

This applet allows students to individually practice working with relationships among fractions and ways of combining... see more

Least Common Denominator presents a timed game that requires students to rename pairs of fractions in a common... see more

This site allows the user to specify triangle side lengths, then draws the triangle and computes its angles.

Descriptions, examples, and online calculutors for a variety of statistical concepts. Includes One-Way Anova, Tukey's... see more

This site allows the user to specify two triangle side lengths and the included angle, then draws the triangle and... see more

A bicolor variant of the classic Towers of Hanoi game from Alexander Bogomolny's Cut The Knot site.