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A Rich History: Since 1924, American Baptist College has been a Christian College dedicated to educating and developing... see more

Allen University, founded in 1870, is a private, Christian, liberal arts, Historically Black Colleges and University... see more

Allen University, a Christian liberal arts institution located on a 20-acre campus in Columbia, South Carolina, is the... see more

En el siguiente video se mostrará el aprendizaje del proyecto que se obtuvo ya que gracias a esta actividad el grupo de... see more

Por medio de este objeto virtual de aprendizaje se da a conocer la introducción de nuestro trabajo (de que va a tratar... see more

Collaborative platform for sharing 3D models and stories of scientific apparatus, open for annotation and exploration.... see more

The American Psychological Association (APA) "style provides a foundation for effective scholarly communication because... see more

As modern day society moves forward many new legal issues arise that would never before have been anticipated. This is... see more

Should HR Policies Govern Ethical and Legal Issues?. Every business, no matter how large or small, must follow the law... see more

This is a short overview of collaborative action research revised yearly, the current version is February 2019. Please... see more

Faculty, staff and graduate assistants should be fairly paid for their work. But often, especially for contingent faculty... see more

Action research is a form of investigation designed for use by teachers to attempt to solve problems and improve... see more

Focused action research' was employed in a teacher inservice program which sought to develop a fusion between... see more

This website is a source of activities nurse educators can use in the classroom, online, or for clinical to enhance... see more

Esports is a booming global industry and has been officially included in the lead-up to the 2020 Olympics in Tokyo. Given... see more

This study explored stress and coping in electronic sports (esports) athletes and the influence of mental toughness (MT),... see more

Recent technological advances have steadily led to the increased popularity of videogames. With computers more readily... see more

Competitive gaming, better known as electronic sports (esports), is rapidly growing in popularity. We systematically... see more

Guide to how to sound the shofar