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A very small and generic introduction to the subject of nanotechnology. What makes nanoscience special? What is the... see more

Certification is the process of having your knowledge, skills, and/or experience verified by an independent source for... see more

This NSF funded site, at the University of Virginia, shows how semiconductors and transistors are constructed and work.... see more

A great video demonstrating the use of a Nintendo Wii remote for classroom purposes. Johnny Lee demonstrates his amazing... see more

This classroom ready resourse is good for teaching scaling of size in relationship to semiconductor components. It... see more

This tutorial provides a basic overview of the type of networks a computer can be part of. Students will gain an... see more

Tapping into the web's conversation to inform, empower, and entertain - Lockergnome is here as a resource for people who... see more

This 30-minute presentation explores nanotechnology and the related career opportunities with experts in the field, and... see more

This website is primarily a guide to engineering for high school girls. It also includes sections for parents and... see more

Explore the iLab Software Architecture via this presentation and learn about how this unique application allows multiple... see more

These two lectures are aimed to give a practical guide to the use of a general device simulator (PROPHET) available on... see more

These two lectures are aimed to give a practical guide to the use of a general device simulator (PROPHET) available on... see more

Animation for a view of the MFC in operation; be sure to click on the "more info" buttons within the animation. The... see more

How RF energy creates the desired conditions for plasma. The objective is to explain the relationship between pressure... see more

The animation of a rotary piston pump. This describes the rotary piston pump operation. This simulation is from Module 99... see more

In the simulation you will use controls (drop down menus) to adjust down force and platen speed parameters to determine... see more

There are many different ways in which the dual damascene process is used. The animation shows an overview of one... see more

The animation of the making of the CMOS Microchip.Objective: Determine the process steps needed to complete a CMOS... see more

The main page for the U.S. Department of Energy website on photovoltaics. "The U.S. Department of Energy works to provide... see more

The US DoE put together educational tools to help you or your students learn more about solar electricity, or... see more

This is a website with many learning objects on DC Electronics with over 60 lessons in areas including: Basic Concepts,... see more

This is a webpage with many learning objects concerning Process Control with lessons in Temperature, Level, Pressure,... see more

This is a classroom activity to explain liquid crystal sensors for middle school students. A list of activity materials... see more

This website from The University of Wisconsin - Madison Materials Research Science and Engineering Center (MRSEC) uses... see more