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En este objeto de aprendizaje se presenta el Análisis y Descripción de los Puestos de una organización. Para ello, se... see more

Aquest vídeo persegueix definir el concepte de compte i classificar els comptes, distingint entre comptes d¿actiu, passiu... see more

These resources are contemporary teaching case studies related to Native Americans and their lived issues. These involve... see more

Se trata de dar a conocer el contenido, estructura y utilidad del Estado de Ingresos y Gastos Reconocidos del Estado de... see more

En este artículo describimos en primer lugar qué es una estrategia de modo general para la empresa, definiendo sus... see more

En este trabajo mostramos las definiciones, tipos y características de distintas estrategias de crecimiento y estrategias... see more

En este artículo presentamos los elementos básicos que definen a los distintos tipos de estrategias de innovación que... see more

This set of assignments exposes students to data which can be used to analyze economic inequality in international and... see more

Take a stroll through each screen of the online FAFSA to see what information you'll need on hand to complete the... see more

Rent-to-own and "buy here, pay here" make it easy to get what you want. But what are the real costs that you will pay for... see more

Watch this short video to get your bearings in a seemingly endless sea of financial-aid options. Grants, scholarships,... see more

Many marine fish resources are overexploited and the total world production of wild-caught fish has declined a little... see more

Episode 4 of the Continuing Feducation Video Series offers five tips for protecting your online and financial security

France Universite Numerique (FUN) is France's largest MOOC platform provider for MOOCs in French. Here you will find a... see more

An online course in Decision Science, Management Science, and Operations Research

Gambit is a library of game theory software and tools for the construction and analysis of finite extensive and normal... see more

This video was recorded at MIT World Series: Enterprise Forum. Where aid programs and government policies fail,... see more

This site is sponsored by the Federal Reserve Bank of San Francisco. It provides a timeline for various economic theories... see more

Historians are experts at assessing and analyzing documents to build a narrative but may be stymied by numbers. Charts... see more

This lesson plan discusses the concepts of supply and demand using a product for which the price varies: tuna that is... see more

We discuss how we have incorporated a community-based research project into a course on the Economics of Poverty in which... see more

Read the lecture and try to answer the interspersed questions.

This is a free online textbook offered by Saylor Foundation. International Economics: Theory and Policy is built on Steve... see more

"This is a field course in International Macroeconomics. It develops a theoretical framework for the analysis of the... see more