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Student teams collect rain-gauge data and compared it with radar-derived precipitation estimates. They use GIS to analyze... see more

Spreadsheets Across the Curriculum module/Geology of National Parks course. Students study how discharge per unit area... see more

Spreadsheets Across the Curriculum module/Geology of National Parks course. Students study how discharge per unit area... see more

This well-designed experiment compares CO2 impacts on salt water and fresh water. In a short demonstration, students... see more

You can use this calculator to create your own metaphor for geologic time. The history of the could be the the distance... see more

This resource from the University of the West of England, Bristol contains undergraduate level resource introducing the... see more

Compute Density: This active density calculator, from Georgia State University, shows how to compute density with units.... see more

A pebble in a stream a.must be a sedimentary rock. b.must have formed in the stream. c.must be younger than the stream... see more

The floor of the Atlantic Ocean is approximately 20 times wider than the Red Sea basin. Predict the approximate age of... see more

The diagram below shows rock units with their age in millions of years. When did crustal deformation (uplift or mountain... see more

In an arid climate (e.g., Arizona), which process contributes the greatest volume of water to streams? a. human activity... see more

This is part of a magnetic profile across an oceanic ridge system. The profile shows both positive and negative... see more

Mars axis is tilted at approximately the same angle as Earth's axis. This should result in a. days of similar length. b.... see more

Four outcrops of rock are examined in different locations of a state. The rock types and the fossils they contain are... see more

Baking a cake could be seen as an analog for the formation of a. igneous rock b. metamorphic rock c. sedimentary rock.

A radioactive (parent) isotope of element X is discovered in different amounts in four rocks (A, B, C, D) of the same... see more

What is the discharge of a stream in a rectangular channel that has a cross-sectional area (width x depth) of 60 square... see more

Which graph below best represents the change in the proportion of unstable (parent) radioactive isotopes with time? a. A... see more

The location of the magnetic North Pole migrated slowly northward over the last century. Assuming that you live in North... see more

What is the relationship between age and the character of the ocean floor? Which statement is TRUE? a. Deeper regions of... see more

Concrete is formed by adding cement and water to a mixture of sand and gravel. This could be seen as an analog for the... see more

Predict which continent experiences the fewest earthquakes per year. a) Antarctica b) North America c) South America d)... see more

A and B represent locations on two separate plates. The curved black line represents the plate boundary. The arrows show... see more

The figures below show the location of a plate boundary (dashed line) and the distribution of earthquake foci (filled... see more