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This activity introduces learners to wolf behavior and communication. Learners explore how wolves communicate with each... see more

This e-Study explores the circumstances and issues surrounding Susan G. Komen’s controversial decision in 2012 to defund... see more

Online resource for students of diffusion theory. Composed of three sections: Question and Answer using a chatbot; round... see more

This case explores a complex, conflict-ridden, and lengthy effort by a variety of stakeholders to create a development... see more

Organizational Design is an interactive technical note introducing into the field of organizations and structure, based... see more

"Management" refers to the organization and coordination of work to produce a desired result. A manager is a person who... see more

Organizational behavior (OB) is the study of how people interact in organizations. These interactions are governed by a... see more

This webpage identifies the differences that exist amongst the four generational groups in the workplace: The... see more

The overall objective of this case is to provide students with an opportunity to focus on the important aspects of the... see more

This classroom lab allows students to develop skills of the scientific method while exploring the characteristics of... see more

Tips for students on writing a Narrative / Descriptive essay. While this guide is not comprehensive, it does provide... see more

Synchronous, virtual classroom systems can provide high levels of interaction for distance learning initiatives. With the... see more

This book has been designed to guide the learner through a step-by-step analysis of some of the most relevant topics of... see more

According to this mixed methods study, interactions with the content, peers, and instructor are important as students... see more

This article recommends that instructors of online freshman composition courses incorporate actual or simulated... see more

The impact of social networks on lives of the majority of young adults has been enormous, although their impact on... see more

This descriptive study analyzes the use of the Discussion Board asynchronous invention forum for composing argumentative... see more

The increased availability of online coursework in higher education has prompted a number of research studies regarding... see more

This course provides techniques of effective presentation of mathematical material. Each section of this course is... see more

Practical Leadership is an interactive seminar where students receive repeated coaching and real-time feedback on their... see more

15.975 U-Lab: Leading Profound Innovation for a More Sustainable World is an interactive and experiential class about... see more

Google Hangouts is a communications service offered by Google that allows the users to text, chat in real time, use... see more

Cette présentation, à usage des étudiants et enseignants, a pour vocation de servir de base à un apprentissage premier de... see more