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This site gives an explanation, a definition of, and an example using comparison of two means. Topics include confidence... see more

We organized this course around the Big Picture of Statistics. As we learn new material, we will always look at how these... see more

This site, created by the Department of Statistics at Yale University gives an explanation, a definition and an example... see more

This lesson is based on several interesting problems. Each problem has a somewhat unexpected answer; in fact, many people... see more

This video was recorded at International Society for Bayesian Analysis (ISBA) Lectures on Bayesian Foundations, Kyoto... see more

Given a sample of N values of X randomly drawn from a normally distributed population, this program will calculate the... see more

This applet, created by Ivo Dinov of the University of California at Berkeley, introduces the concept of confidence... see more

This resource, by Gerard Dallal of Tufts University, assists the user in reading, constructing, and understanding... see more

This resource assists the user in reading, constructing, and understanding confidence intervals. Created and published by... see more

The applets in this section of Statistical Java allow you to see how levels of confidence are achieved through repeated... see more

This site, authored by David M. Lane of HyperStat Online, explains the relationship between hypothesis testing and... see more

This video was recorded at 16th ACM SIGKDD International Conference on Knowledge Discovery and Data Mining (KDD),... see more

This page, created by Thomas Kirkman of the College of Saint Benedict/St. John's College, introduces contingency tables... see more

This applet lets you take "slices" through a multivariate data set to compare the distribution of a variable without... see more

This video was recorded at 14th International Conference on Artificial Intelligence and Statistics (AISTATS), Ft.... see more

This site, created by Michelle Lacey of Yale University, gives an explanation, a definition and an example of... see more

The applets, created by Virginia Tech's Department of Statistics, allow you to see how different bivariate data look... see more

In this game activity, students match correlation values with plots generated by the applet. Competition in this game... see more

Created by Milo Schield of Augsberg College, this article discusses teaching causality without being discipline specific.... see more

Finally, a clear, demystified approach to learning educational statistics. This book includes narrative, along with... see more

This interactive lecture activity, created by Carolyn Cuff of Westminster College, motivates the need for sampling. "Why... see more

Created by Gavin Gibson of Heriot Watt University, this file applies the Cramer-Rao inequality to a binomial random... see more

We've argued that societal stratification is "both a condition and a process" (Kerckhoff, 2000). The former captures what... see more

The use of computers for simulation can be used not only to introduce CUSUM (cumulative sum) techniques but also to... see more