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In this activity, students write an essay on the history of scientific discoveries in the field of dinosaur paleontology.... see more

Sarah Andrews is a geologist who has also written a series of successful mystery novels featuring (naturally) a geologist... see more

This activity explores the significance and geologic history of the Kerguelen Plateau Large Igneous Province, as revealed... see more

In this assignment, students explore the origin and distribution of oil and gas in a region of global significance. Also... see more

El conocimiento de las fuentes de suministro del agua es crucial para un correcto análisis de la red de abastecimiento y... see more

El laboratorio virtual permite: - Analizar el efecto del tiempo de retención celular en las concentraciones de materia... see more

In this activity, learners explore how light and dark colored objects absorb the Sun's radiations at different rates.... see more

Capillary Action: In this section of USGS Water Science for School's you will learn how capillary action is important for... see more

This carbon calculator, developed by the EPA, guides students in calculating their carbon footprint and then using that... see more

This interactive animation focuses on the carbon cycle and includes embedded videos and captioned images to provide... see more

In this demonstration, learners observe the effects of density and pressure. A "diver" constructed out of a piece of... see more

Using surfer lingo, introduces the concept of gravitational waves. Describes their probable sources (binary star systems,... see more

O OA catálogo mineral (CATMIN) tem por objetivo apoiar o ensino de mineralogia em cursos da Educação Profissional e... see more

In this activity (page 2 of PDF), learners will model how caves are formed by placing one piece of chalk in a cup of... see more

Cuando los fluidos circulan por las instalaciones o por las máquinas, adoptan un valor de presión en todo momento. Las... see more

In this activity the students will create their own sedimentary rock using glue and various pieces of sediments found... see more

Studying rock types, weathering processes and human history in a cemetery.

The Center for Energy Efficiency and Renewable Technologies (CEERT) is a nonprofit organization of concerned scientists,... see more

The Central Utah Water Conservancy District (CUWCD) is a political subdivision of the State of Utah. It was formally... see more

According to OER Commons, "This brochure gives a brief description of the science research that is being done with data... see more

A collection of images taken by the Chandra X-ray Observatory, including image descriptions and comparison with optical... see more

This video examines the thawing of permafrost due to changes in climate and shows examples of the impacts that warming... see more

Learners see that a carrot slice sinks in fresh water and floats in saltwater. Considering the placement of the carrot... see more

Learners investigate how the temperature of water affects its density. Learners place colored hot and cold water in a cup... see more