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This interactive contains four animated slides that introduce the greenhouse effect. An additional animation offers to... see more

Dramatic temperature shifts, in which warm, autumn days turn unbearably cold in what seems like minutes, are almost... see more

A year long field study of a deciduous tree and its interdependence through phenology.

The Nancy Creek Challenge is part of the Starting Point module. The Case study requires students to examine fish kill in... see more

Underwater photographer and informal educator offers school assembly programs based on diving expeditions to different... see more

In this activity, learners observe the hydrologic cycle in action as water evaporates and condenses to form rain right... see more

This site is based at Reading Memorial High School in Reading, MA. It features general information defining and... see more

Dr. Phillip Barak, Associate Professor of Soil Science at the University of Wisconsin-Madison, has put together this... see more

Did you know that the water we use today is the same water found on Earth millions of years ago? The Earth constantly... see more

This page provides download links for a set of curricular materials designed to teach parallel computational modeling to... see more

In this activity, learners discover why some nanoscale science and technology is done in the controlled environment of a... see more

In this activity, learners explore the engineering design process (EDP)���the process engineers use to solve design... see more

This activity (on pages 38-43) has learners simulate the way scientists track and map the movement of otters in the wild... see more

Kyle Gray, University of Akron, David Steer, University of Akron,

The Tropical Rainfall Measuring Mission (TRMM) satellite is a joint mission between NASA and the National Space... see more

The Coastal Ocean Observing Center at UNH collaborates with GoMOOS and WHOI, and collects data via satellite, buoys, and... see more

Unit plans at two levels, K-grade 2 and grades 3-5 develop understanding of the issue theme, We Depend on Earth's... see more

Four unit plans provide opportunities for in-depth explorations of important foundational climate concepts -- weather,... see more

These forestry lesson plans and field activities teach students: how trees function in an urban setting; how to collect... see more

This visualization is a website with an interactive calculator that allows for estimation of greenhouse gas production... see more

Use the physical characteristics of ice to determine where and how several mystery samples could have been frozen.

Using quadrats along line transects in two different habitats, students will gather data which will provide evidence that... see more

This activity is a field investigation in which students conduct a plant survey of two study plots, analyze their... see more

This activity is a field investigation where students will compare the biodiversity of two separate habitats based on the... see more