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The Reading Matrix: An International Online Journal is a fully-refereed journal with an editorial board of scholars in... see more

This site, created by Esperantists Christopher Zervic and R. Kent Jones of the Esperanto Society of Chicago, provides a... see more

French vocabulary building through online hidden word puzzles. A wide variety of topics are available. Younger users will... see more

Looking for a specific topic? Chemistry? Physics? Well everything we have is broken down right here. Children who just... see more

Excellent source of info on herbivores, fermination, and the physiology of ruminants

On-line journal for piano pedagogues and students of piano alike! Interesting and practical articles that deal... see more

Excellent website for elementary music educators and music education students interested in finding ideas for the... see more

A reference on early Baroque violin performance practice.

A simple and short proof of Dictator Theorem is given. Loosely stated, the theorem says that democracies are not... see more

A definition of information, which forms the basis of the current information technology, is given in terms of two... see more

Checklist for benchmarks of quality in online courses, cross-referenced to the Principles of Online Design.

A great site that provides links for esl teacher, adult education and civics of English language learners

It is shown that Fractional Voting System can be used to circumvent Arrow's paradox. The paradox states that fair... see more

A complete analysis of Shannon's telegraph channel is given, making use of matrices with elements from a division ring. A... see more

This guide includes images from and suggestions for discussing and writing about the Tseng Kwong Chi Collection at the... see more

This guide provides ideas for incorporating the exhibition of Richard Torchia's camera obscura projections into your... see more

Reframing America explores aspects of immigration revealed through photographs taken by immigrant artists. Seven... see more

Great effort spearheaded by Peter Yarrow (of Peter, Paul and Mary fame). This is the download site for the Don't Laugh At... see more

The photographs in this Educator's Guide represent images in the traveling exhibition Sea Change: The Seascape in... see more

Educator's Guide, examines a national documentary project about twelve diverse communities exploring the changing face of... see more

The Ansel Adams Archive Educator's Guide features photographs of intimate details of nature and complements study in many... see more

Educator's Guide features photographs of Mexico and complements study in many subject areas, including art, photography,... see more

The BeerGame is a logistics game that was originally developed by MIT in the 60s. . Participants play as a member of the... see more