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Plots, text, data, and links on stars, which are categorized by type.

Includes animations (mpg) on colliding galaxies, dark matter, among others.

Online presentation about the development of the Universe. Links to plots, images, and definitions included.

An online presentation, with hyperlinks to images, definitions, and plots concerning CCD detectors.

Animations (.mpg), audio (.au) and discussion about stellar evolution, including the HR diagram.

Includes discussion and animations.

Animations (.mpg), audio (.au), and discussion of planetary motion.

Images of the nebula NGC 7023.

Two animations (.mpg and QuickTime)

Complete online course offered by the University of Oregon's Distance Education Program. Includes exams, homework,... see more

A complete resource on the famous comet, with images, plots, and data. A discussion on comets included. Links to other... see more

This page is dedicated to observations of comets at submillimeter wavelengths. These wavelengths convey special... see more

Interact provides K-12 classroom curriculum that utilizes simulations of real-world events and thematic units. The... see more

Education Week is a weekly newspaper that covers contemporary issues and events in American education. The website... see more

Includes updates, images, and links.

Includes images, animations, and links.

This applet computes the thermodynamic properties of a system with fixed energy levels. The user can set the levels and... see more

This is an excellent lesson plan that looks at price controls and their impact on the economy. There is interaction in... see more

This is a simple lesson plan to introduce the time value of money. Topics covered include opportunity cost, compound... see more

Two applets demonstrating blackbody radiation.

Three categories to choose from, Fundamental Physical Constants, SI Units, and Uncertainty of Measurement Results.

Java applet demonstrates the electric field and equipotential lines between two charges. Extensive explanatory text... see more

Applet and extensive discussion of basic principles of magnetism, including Ampere's Law and the Biot-Savart Law. Applet... see more

An applet that demonstrates the Lorentz force. Extensive explanatory text included.