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Interactive Replay of IBM's Big Blue vs Garry Kasparov.

Graphic Election Simulation. The square display uses area to show the size of a politicians ""territory"" or number of... see more


Program which analyzes a series of events

Picking Game as described in Scientific American

Java guided tour of 80 of best live webcams from around the world.

ESA is an on-line Java program that helps you analyze sequential events.

Javascript animation (spinning Earth, etc.)

Quiz Cards Game for topics like: geography, art, crime, foreign languages, antonyms, flags, colors, multiplication, etc.

Watch as a stick is inserted into a Necker Cube from a variety of directions.

Watch and change controls of a revolving HyperCube (4D Cube)

A random walk through history with Weisner. Java-based controller to pick topics, see list of phrases, and view movies.

The classic game of Mastermind

Simulation of the Voter World, from A.K. Dewdneys book The Armchair Universe

Brainteaser to exchange frog positions.

A puzzle where you try to get tokens in a specified configuration.

A simulation of trains running the weekday schedule in the Bay Area Rapid Transit system of the San Francisco Bay Area.