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The history of the Suez Canal.  

This is a educational blog about classroom management from an online educational magazine called Edutopia: What works in... see more

Creating a classroom of meaningful discussion can be difficult. This article gives a foundation of ideas to create... see more

  In this essay the author argues that many scientists (and laymen  also) have come to take a narrow view of what... see more

Marie Sontag offers a new learning theory to shape K-12 teaching. Sontag's social and cognitive connectedness schema... see more

It describes scientific literacy and how it is important. This article also touches on the importance of scientific... see more

This is an article about science. The scientific method is also explained.  He provides the explanation for  science,... see more

This is an article about how important it is to be literate in science.  It talks about literacy within the science... see more

This brings to light an interesting debate between those who believe that a lack of scientific literacy is the reason why... see more

עלון בנושא למידה מתוקשבת An e-learning newsletter


Reading Arabic newspapers online.

Reading French newspapers online.

Reading French newspapers online.

Provides an excellent review of the literature on video games for learning. Includes: impact on young people,  why use... see more

Citation: Laczko-Kerr, I., & Berliner, D.C.. (2002, September 6). The effectiveness of "Teach for America" and other... see more

NCTAF’s research and publications have positively impacted teaching quality in schools and districts across the country... see more