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Find the the complete state from any combination of two independent properties. To enter a property simply click on the... see more

Find the phase and the complete state using this smart steam table. To enter a property simply click on the checkbox next... see more

Find the phase and the complete state using this smart steam table. To enter a property simply click on the checkbox next... see more

Illustrates light through a lens. Can change the refractive index of the glass.

Applet demonstrates the refraction of light passing through a thick lens.

Illustrates light reacting to converging and diverging lenses and mirrors. Parameters are changeable.

This java applets let you understand the entire range of behavior of a single convex lens or image formed by two lens.

Software for generation of quasiperiodic tilings with local 5..22-fold symmetry with user definable colors for the... see more

Simulation and Tutorial, with downloadable executables, for discussing basic topics in quantum mechanics. Hungarian... see more

A spreadsheet based titration allowing the user to create a titration curve and "look at the solution" to see relative... see more

A Wolfram simulation showing titration of various acids with a strong base.

'Beginning chemistry students can use this app to get a feel for conducting an acid-base titration and solving for... see more

Invites you to engineer the traffic light system for a one-way street that consists of several lanes along which traffic... see more

Animated activity allowing student to go through the process of transcribing DNA to mRNA and then translating mRNA into... see more

In this activity related to plant biotechnology, learners transform a strain of E. coli using green fluorescent protein... see more

This applet follows the rotation and translation of a wheel moving first across a frictionless surface, then on a rough... see more

Use the mouse to travel along with the wave.

This java applet let you visualize the difference between transverse wave and longitudinal wave.

This java applet shows how a travelling magnetic flux wave is obtained in an ac motor. It shows the oscillating flux in... see more

Safely ride your ATV on mysterious paths to defeat monsters and free the town from their evil grasp!

This website’s Java simulation allows one to explore the concepts of collisions. One can see the effects of mass and... see more

Graphical interactive display of two-body collisions in two-dimensions. Lecture notes and source code (at... see more

An online (downloadable) calculator which carries uncertainties through calculations and mathematical operations. A... see more

A collection of example Java applets and animations from the University of Oregon.