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Interactive Illustration of light dispersion though a prism

Illustrates light dispersion through a glass block.

This applet shows the vibration of a discrete breather in a fcc structure diatomic crystal.

Allows you to watch vibrating Intrinsic Local Modes (ILMs) in the lattice of 15 particles with periodic boundaries.

A simulation of a collection of (randomly initialized) moons, acting under the universal law of gravitation, with mass... see more

Illustration and explanation of quantized angular momentum

Demonstration of Pressure/Volume relationship in an Otto engine

Illustrates Volume/pressure relationship for diesel engine

Illustrates stream lines near a spinning cylinder

Illustrates light reflection from a pond. There is a source of light at the bottom of the lake. The rays from the source... see more

Analyzes behavior of unknown circuits

Enter your own electrical network and the applet will draw the impedance graph.

Helps you to learn the basic concepts of hierarchical, geometrical modeling in computer graphics and animations. This... see more

Lets you write and execute programs, using turtle graphics to draw pictures. and execute programs written in a simple... see more

Modulate Poles and Zeros of a transfer function

Graphical grid calculator which calculates the slope, flow direction, flow accumulation and weighted flow accumulation... see more

This is a collection of Java applets illustrating quantum mechanical processes. The samples posted here are somewhat... see more

Shows algoriths from multiple domains, effects, etc.