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Applets demonstrate the motion of the center of mass of two particles moving with respect to each other.

Applet demonstrates the firing of a bullet into a block in order to illustrate principles of conservation of energy and... see more

Applet demonstrates the oscillatory motion of a particle in a potential energy well. The force acting on the particle is... see more

This is a set of lesson plans to explain the concept of money. Students evaluate a variety of substitutes for money and... see more

This is a series of lesson plans that explores the concept of wealth. There is some interaction as students explore... see more

Two Java applets for demonstrating chaos with regards to oscillatory motion.

Applet fires a ball at the outside perimeter of a wheel to demonstrate the conservation of angular momentum. Extensive... see more

These are lesson plans for studying both the airline and software industries regarding mergers and monopolies. Links are... see more

This is a series of lesson plans on the impact of advertising on the images of appearance, personality traits and... see more

A tutorial on potential energy with explanatory text, a Java applet, and a simple activity.

Two applets demonstrate conservation of momentum.

This is a set of lesson plans that examines the controversial 1996 cereal marketing campaign, which attacks the fashion... see more

A collection of example Java applets and animations from the University of Oregon.

A collection of Java applets from the University of Oregon. Categorized into sections, including astronomy, mechanics,... see more

A huge collection of tutorials, with detailed explanations and applets, all hyperlinked with each other to create what is... see more

Applet clearly demonstrates Brownian motion in two dimensions. The small particles are shown as well as the large... see more

Physlet for demonstrating black body radiation.

Applet shows a container of particles, which represents an ideal gas. temperature, number of particles, and size of... see more

Applet demonstrates how the density of a gas varies with height.

This applet is designed to demonstrate what the concept of temperatures is, how pressure is related to temperature under... see more

Use the mouse to travel along with the wave.

An applet demonstrating reflection and refraction of a wave striking a boundary. User defines either an s-wave or p-wave,... see more

Applets demonstrate the relationship between longitudinal/transverve wave motion and oscillatory motion.

This site provides a great deal of information about countries of the world. Information is provided about individual... see more