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Applet that demonstrates the performance of a variety of sorting algorithms. Included are Insertion Sort, Selection Sort,... see more

Estimation of probability density function for multivariate data using a self-organizing neural network.

Getting Loaded is a Java applet that shows a class file being loaded by a Java virtual machine. It is part of an article... see more

Eternal Math is a Java applet that simulates a Java virtual machine (JVM) executing a short sequence of bytecodes. It is... see more

A collection of ""Computational Art"" Java programmed applets.

This fractal renderer lets you render a fractal from the mandelbrot set. You can zoom in by selecting an area in an... see more

This is a little demo of a running monitor of a system provided stat (estimated server-hits per hour). The graph is... see more

One way to predict these averages is to simulate the Ising model on a computer. Our applet illustrates this for a small... see more

Our applet simulates hysteresis using a random-field ising model developed by Jim Sethna and his group. You can run our... see more

Opsis is a Java applet designed to teach binary search tree algorithms. Opsis is unique in that it combines elements of... see more

These are several hundred pages of lecture notes for the course ""Introduction to Java Programming."" This is a thirteen... see more

This applet tests the simulated annealing algorithm to solve the travelling salesman's problem. The user finds a route... see more

This applet shows the working of flood fill algorithm. User specifies an area to flood by providing a seed.

Now you can use TabKey in an applet for tabbing between fields. It will allow you to pass from a componenet to another... see more

Intellimetric is an automated essay question scoring tool based on several artificial intelligence and text retrieval... see more

This is a numerical simulation of the Lorenz equations. These are a system of first order differential equations given... see more

Reuleaux Triangle is an example of a constant width shape other than the circle. The applet illustrates its ability to... see more

An old puzzle implemented in JavaScript. Several research question are asked about the puzzle, a couple of question are... see more

Explore Mars with a click of your mouse! Click on the image of Mars, and it will be redrawn with the selected point at... see more

This is a Java simulation of a free fall experiment. The applet calibrates its timer to the computer.

A JavaScript to convert numbers between several bases: binary, ternary, hexadecimal, decimal, octal, quintal

Solve or watch being solved the Josephus Flavius problem. Count heads in order to survive

This is a Java-enhanced tutorial that allows students to design and experiment with their own floating-point number... see more

This applet allows the user to select different forces and masses. The force, in the form of a walking M&M, imparts an... see more