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Joe Lauher, a professor of chemistry at Stony Brook, describes how he and a team of his colleagues transformed their... see more

This is a collection of student web pages for a master's level online course titled Theories of Adult Learning as part of... see more

This material is a power point presentation that shows some tips to design a good course for adults and how to create an... see more

Se desarrollan actividades tendientes a fortalecer la habilidad de comunicación efectiva del alumno al designarle la... see more

There are a lot of useful ideas to decorate your classroom.

Esta presentación nos entrega información referente a la forma de detectar alteraciones del lenguaje de una persona, y la... see more

Todos los profesores necesitan hacer algún tipo de planificación de sus clases como una forma de guiar y focalizar su... see more

Esta presentaciòn, permite comprender la tècnica para la elaboraciòn de mapas conceptuales, la cuàl es un medio didáctico... see more

Althought developed for science, math, engineering and technology instructors, this website could be used by any... see more

Free lesson plans for teachers or pre-service teachers. Lesson plans are categorized by subjects and grade levels.

These activites are to help students understand the way they learn, their strengths and weaknesses, and ways to improve... see more

Simple yet effective ideas of how to regain classroom control in an unruly situation. Brief descriptions and strategies.

Website that discusses school reform, progressive education and appropriate classroom activities.

An online journal article from Faculty Focus telling how to apply 7 good practice principles for the online classroom.... see more

The Grantsmanship Center offers a workshop with a structured format for proposal development that can be quite useful in... see more

This site contains links, videos, research, and an array of resources on workplace bullying.

A brief and concise list of procedures and policies that need to be in place on the first day of school in relation to... see more

Website that discusses school reform, harmful testing practices and educational issues from a progressive viewpoint.

This is a free, open textbook that is part of the Connexions collection at Rice University.  'School discipline has been,... see more

This presentation is created using a Web 2.0 tool, Voicethread. The subject is Active Learning. This brief presentation... see more

Website has content and discussion boards about issues dealing with parenting, testing, and school reform.

Bullying & Social Aggression is designed to guide the learner through a step-by-step process in the detection and... see more

This StAIR (Stand-Alone Instructional Resource) project seeks to bring awareness to the issue of bullying. It defines and... see more

'Bullying is one type of youth violence that threatens young people's well-being. Bullying can result in physical... see more