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Tutorial on the ANOVA test in statistics and probability, with a description, formulas, example, and a calculator applet.... see more

This applet illustrates the p-value of a test of significance for means.  Users set the null and alternative hypotheses,... see more

Using a Landsat image, students must sample different points on the image to estimate the number of trees in a large... see more

An applet that allows users to see plots with a specified correlation; to compare plots, varying the correlation and... see more

A detailed page on the relationship between sample size and power, that includes applets. The applets allow the user to... see more

SticiGui is a full, interactive stat textbook with lots of applets to illustrate key concepts, dynamic exercises,... see more

Using a parameter it's possible to represent a property of an entire population with a single number instead of millions... see more

Researchers and students alike often mistake any overlap among confidence intervals to denote a statistically... see more

Students randomly sample fish from a lake and record the length of each fish. Students then use Excel to compute measures... see more

This applet displays various distributions and allows the user to experiment with the parameters to see the effects on... see more

Students record the rates of photosynthesis for leaves under different light intensities. Students then use Excel to fit... see more

Students record biomass of plants grown with and without exposure to ozone. Students then use Excel to test for a... see more

Students collect air samples and record the number of pollen grains per sample. Students then use Excel to fit a Poisson... see more

Roll two dice and compare empirical and probability histograms for the sum or product of the two outcomes.  

Students randomly sample male and female flour beetle pupa grown on three types of media and record the weight and sex of... see more

Students record the heights of male and female spouses. Students then use Excel to test for a correlation in heights of... see more

More of a demonstration device than a utility, this applet shows the user the steps needed to calculate the standard... see more

Students randomly sample trees in a forest and record the tree trunk circumferences. Students then use Excel to fit a... see more

Students record vital lung capacity from spirometer charts before and after asthma patients use a bronchodilator.... see more

The WISE Bootstrapping Applet can be used to demonstrate bootstrapping by creating a confidence interval for a population... see more

This applet from Java Demos for Probability and Statistics introduces the concept of the random variable and its... see more

The SOCR Modeler allows the user to compare data with typical statistical models such as the beta distribution,... see more

This resource introduces the gamma distribution and provides an applet to help illustrate the concept.