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These preview video clips feature authoritative experts in information security and assurance. The complete video and the... see more

A set of lecture notes for a one-hour lecture to Masters students on IT/IS outsourcing, along with analysis of... see more

תקני וידאו שונים. גם תקנים הקשורים לדחיסה. יש גם מילון מונחים. This presentation provides information about the different... see more

A paper on the development of reusable Object-Oriented software and the future developments already in the works.

We take a quick look at how to customize the background in your PowerPoint presentation. I use both Microsoft PowerPoint... see more

 Computer and Technology Skills  The first video in our database lesson, part of the Introduction to Computer series. ... see more

The first video in the digital media series. Digital Media is defined as: any media that are encoded in a... see more

Part 1 of 2 focusing on digital audio. This is part of our Introduction to Computers - Digital Media lessons.   This... see more

Video 5 of our Digital Media, Introduction to Computers series. In this video we look at digital imagining.  Topics... see more

The last video in our digital media series from Introduction to Computers.  This video looks at the basic of digital... see more

Our second video in the free Introduction to Computer series. This video defines and examines what digital literacy... see more

"In Media Res is dedicated to experimenting with collaborative, multi-modal forms of online scholarship. Our goal is to... see more

Our last video in the Information Security lesson covers my favorite topic, social engineering. In this video we look at:... see more

Continuing the Introduction to Computers series, this presentation covers computer software. As always we include direct... see more

A weblog in which the use of multimedia in distance education is discussed.

We take a look at types of computer networks. In part 1 we look at network topologies: bus, ring, star, and mesh. 

We conclude out look at telecommunications and computer networks. We also give our list of additional resources to check... see more

PowerPoint Tutorial on the 4 panes that make up the PowerPoint 2013 user interface. This video is part of our Most... see more

This brief (3:09) video demontrates a basic UML class diagram.

Welcome to the first video in my new series: Mr. Ford's Guide to the A+ Certification Exam: How To Be A Computer... see more

A textual and historical account of the developing field of computer ethics.

This site provides a criteria chech list that can be used when evaluating information you find on the web. 

Prof. Daphne Koller from Coursera speaks at the 2013 MEITAL Conference