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This applet simulates X-ray Diffraction patterns for the Laue method (transmission/backreflection mode).

This series of films explores a broad range of subjects in superconductivity, featuring interviews with leading world... see more

A group of simulations on the physical and geometric nature of light along with applications of electromagnetic... see more

This applet calculates the linear absorbtion coefficient [1/cm] for a given chemical formula and various X-ray... see more

refereed electronic journal offering current reviews in all areas of relativity.This is the entry site.

Applet plots a Lorenz attractor by allowing user to input many variables.

This java applet covers Magnetic fields from current sources, Biot-Savart law, current, long straight wires (LSW).... see more

A collection of various applets to demonstrate some of the work of the Centre for Materials Measurement and Technology,... see more

A MOS calculation tool for Flat-Band Voltage (VFB) and the Threshold Voltage. Tutorial and applet includes worksheet,... see more

Interactive tutorials about various topics in particle physics.

Moirée analogon of holograms using line grids for a reference wave.

Applet calculates and plots the output characteristics of an n-channel (enhancement-mode) MOSFET. Try to change the... see more

The observed NMR spectrum of a solid powder is the summed signal from crystallites over all possible orientations... see more

This tutorial shows the Fourier relationship between a damped oscillating exponential (a detected FT-NMR transition) and... see more

This tutorial is very similar to the Dipolar Powder Patterns tutorial, in that is illustrates the observed spectrum of a... see more

This tutorial details the relative populations of spin up versus spin down states in spin I=1/2 particles. For most spin... see more

This tutorial demonstrates the primary effects of scalar coupling. Strong coupling influences both the transition... see more

Like the AB (I=S=1/2) Spectrum tutorial, this tutorial also illustrates the effects demonstrated by scalar coupling.... see more

This booklet presents selected properties of all known nuclides and their known isomeric states (Sixth edition, January... see more

Encyclopedic form of all words associated with particle physics. Also published as book.

Demonstrates a Lorenz Attractor, period doubling, and Chua's circuit

Web assignment using an applet by Wolfgang Christian for solving the Schroedinger equation numerically. User is asked a... see more

This program displays two-dimensional wallpaper-type patterns by using the symmetry operations of the 17 crystallographic... see more

Applet and tutorial, with quiz, worksheet, references, and SPICE model.