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Applet examines the spin-states of a dielectric material. Extensive explanatory text included.

Applet demonstrates how the density of a gas varies with height.

Applet demonstrates the occupancy of particles with discrete energy levels. Energy levels and temperature user-defined.... see more

Applet and tutorial on fluid dynamics, including Torreceli's theorem. Applet plots the height of a fluid as it drains... see more

Tutorial and applet covering Bernoulli's principle.

Reprint from Applied Optics, Vol. 13. Talks about how to calculate effective emissivity

Applet examines the spin-flips associated with ferromagnetism. Temperature and energy are user-defined. Extensive... see more

Applet and tutorial on basic fluid dynamics, focusing on Archimede's principle and the density of fluids.

=*/++Introduction to a large collection of tutorials and simulations on fluids.

A Java Applet for understanding conformal mapping and its applications.

Applet shows a container of particles, which represents an ideal gas. temperature, number of particles, and size of... see more

Illustrates stream lines near a spinning cylinder

average emissivity values for various materials. Reference for Blackbody Radiation.

Applet and tutorial on basic fluid dynamics, focusing on surface (superficial) tension.

Tutorial and applet on basic acoustical physics. Includes a table of sound velocities in various gases.

Applet plots height versus pressure for a simple model of an atmosphere.

Applet and tutorial on corpuscular motion in fluids.

Applet and tutorial on basic fluid dynamics, focusing on the simple harmonic motion of a buoy floating in a fluid.

Applet and tutorial on basic fluid dynamics. Applet ignores energy loss, thus demonstrating the oscillaory motion that... see more

Demonstration of Pressure/Volume relationship in an Otto engine

Applet demonstrates the physics of paramagnetic materials. Extensive explanatory text included.