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This website gives structural detail about hair cells and the proteins (and related genes) of which they are made, with a... see more

Series of web-based human embryology animations that illustrate all aspects of development. include cardiovascular... see more

Introduction to Methods for Health Services Research and Evaluation provides an introduction to basic methods for... see more

This excellent website has information about the various types of memory: prospective, recent, semantic, remote, and... see more

This wonderful information and referral site provides families of children and youth with special needs and the... see more

This is a Matrices IQ test and takes 40 minutes to complete.  It is a good example of a nonverbal IQ test that might be... see more

Openness to new experiences came up in my class in a unit on cognition and aging.  This website provides a test students... see more

Students will explore the pulmonary system including issues related to obstructed breathing and air pollutants.

Scientific evidence should be central in debates about science, medicine and technology. It is vital for clear public... see more

Part of a larger website: Internet Psychology Lab. A demonstration of signal detection therory.

Timetoast allows people to create interactive timelines, which they can share anywhere on the web. Anyone can join... see more

"Explore the upper airway with a 3D simulator. The Upper Respiratory Virtual Lab forms a unique transition between... see more

Provides information about the corticospinal tracts.  It finishes with a quick quiz to test what you learned in the... see more

Simulation of a human body that may be altered to show different anatomical parts.   

This is a free download software through CBS Interactive.   Simple interface, 3D manipulations.  

We need several thousands of different proteins in our body. It is the genetic material, the DNA, in our cells that... see more

Understanding Gene Testing represents an effort by the National Cancer Institute and the National Center for Human Genome... see more

This links to a page on the website of the American Speech Language Hearing Association (ASHA) dealing with academic and... see more

This is a Collection of sites withing the mega-site "Internet Psych Lab." The various sites demonstrate different... see more

Foundations of basic neruo and structural anatomy of the head and neck are featured.  There are wonderfully crafted... see more

HealthTap allows you to have online access to physicians right from your phone. Ask a question, and volunteer and... see more

ABOUT US The Endowment for Human Development (EHD) is a nonprofit organization dedicated to improving health science... see more

"Welcome to where you can find medically oriented information about your vocal cords, the voice and... see more