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Learn about malnutrition and micronutrients and how they impact human health. There is an overload of information about... see more

Learn the fundamentals of nutrition and its impact on human health. There is an overload of information about nutrition... see more

Comparison of natural and synthetic methods of nitrogen fixation has been presented to have a concise overview

Interesting direct questions related to common science branches with a specialized knowledge is presented

The study used disaggregated student data over a six-year period at UGA, looking only at courses with an instructor who... see more

This is a digital textbook “Calculus: An Integrated Approach” by Matt Cathey and Joseph Spivey. The textbook covers a... see more

Everyday, we encounter situations in which someone seems to be selling something for more than it's worth. But can you... see more

  This ambitious and vivid study in six volumes explores the journey of a single, electrifying story, from its first... see more

What do undocumented migrants experience when they try to access healthcare? How do they navigate the (often... see more

The objective of this study was to assess the potential of Biofield Energy Treated vitamin D3 and DMEM medium on bone... see more

Bone disorders are largely associated with increased morbidity, mortality, and substantial economic and health costs.... see more

The objective of this experiment was to find out the potential of Consciousness Energy Healing based vitamin D3 and DMEM... see more

Vitamin D and calcium are one of the important constituents of good bone health. Bone disorders might be to the hormonal... see more

In the 21st Century, it has become clear that entrepreneurship is increasingly necessary and becoming more complex. With... see more

Here you can find a Guide, addressed to teachers for using storytelling and the videos, produced within the project DIST,... see more

Frontiers’ CEO, Kamila Markram, makes a case at TEDxBrussels for why open science is the key to innovation, economic... see more

This hypermedia/video learning object presents FERCON Ferramenta do Consumidor addressing the green trading mode. It... see more

This hypermedia/video learning object presents FERCON Ferramenta do Consumidor that is a consumer tool to understand... see more

Soccer game showing the Voronoi Diagram The Voronoi diagram is the partition of a space in the regions closest to... see more

Article that reviews prognosis related communication (PRC) with parents as a collaborative effort with physicians. 

The point is an online resource that can be linked to classes by the educator, or to textbooks by the student and or... see more

Nurses are continually being burnt out from the rewarding profession due to the nursing shortage. Bedside nursing is... see more

This is a simulator learning object addresses topics in Electrical Engineering. It belongs to the collection Simulações... see more

Continuing education is important in nursing in ensuring nurses are up to date with new information involved around... see more