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The complexity of a diverse society requires communication competence, whether building a relationship, resolving... see more

Partner Only Material

The journal talks about whether the strenght of the association between sleep deprivation and negative behavioral and... see more

Track3 Diabetes Tracker makes living with diabetes easier than ever by tracking all of the factors that keep blood... see more

Authors: Tsu-Yin Wu --- Barbara Scheffer --- Corinne Lee Journal: Journal of Nursing Education and Practice ISSN/EISSN:... see more

High blood pressure greatly increases your risk for a stroke, heart attack, and increases your risk for kidney failure.... see more

Learn to quickly interpret ACLS rhythm strips. Rapid ID and treatment of life-threatening arrhythmias made easy. Scenario... see more

A continuing education learning activity designed with the intent to augment the knowledge, skills, and attitudes of... see more

This virtual lesson focuses on the Basics of Copyright Law for Educators. The purpose of Copyright Law, what is protected... see more

This website presents to students a variety of resources that are available as student tools, blogs and associations to... see more

The Bristol Stool Chart is a diagnostic medical aid designed to classify feces into seven groups for identification and... see more

A supercourse that will document the fundamental concepts in chronic disease epidemiology, common research methods... see more

This is a quiz that contains NCLEX review questions about COPD (chronic obstructive pulmonary disease). Patients who have... see more

Dermnet New Zealand (DermNet NZ) was founded by Dermatologist Dr. Amanda Oakley in 1995. It has become a world renowed... see more

This is a two part tutorial. Part 1: Developing PICO questions focuses on student sunderstanding the parts of a PICO... see more

Provides a dosage calculations tutorial, complete with explanations and examples, to help nursing students prepare for a... see more

This is a research article that discusses the findings of a study completed to determine the effect size of... see more

This journal article reminds the educator that humor and keeping your learner interested in the material can go a long... see more

The article sets the stage for further studies relative to the efforts initiated by the American Academy of Ambulatory... see more

This is a complimentary learning tool for all health students. It includes multimedia lessons with over 95 subjects and... see more

Depending on your specialty, your cardiac assessment probably consists of listening to an apical pulse over the mitral... see more

A comprehensive YouTube video on infant heart circulation published as part of an ongoing Pediatric Nursing series by the... see more

This is a great website that provides links to various articles discussing childhood obesity.