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French and Spanish online for free, a part for beginners with games and audio files, a part for grammar with videos

Ce site d’information et de recherche émane de Michel Rybalka, en relation avec le Groupe d’Etudes Sartriennes (GES) de... see more

The website Vivre en Aquitaine enables you to practice a contextualized French. In this activity "L'eau et la santé", you... see more

Activites ludiques pour les enfants.

This site describes various uses of discussion forums in academic settings, including how to create them and incorporate... see more

Découvrez sur, en partenariat avec le Muséum national d’Histoire naturelle, un site thématique sur le... see more

Blog with links to language resources and articles about language-learning with technology.

Cours multimedia interactif d'une duree approximative de 45 heures.Themes couverts : la construction des connaissances,... see more

These web resources are designed to complement the "Allez, viens" textbook series by DeMado and Rongieras d?Usseau... see more

This is a pedagogique site with literary extracts, audio files of readings of the texts and teaching materials:... see more

A video presentation of the popular Lexiquefle by one of the principal authors.

The website "Vivre en Aquitaine" is designed for learners of French at levels A2, B1 and B2 of the European Framework of... see more