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Esta página ha sido creada por alumnas del curso de Adaptación al Grado de la Facultad de Educación y Trabajo Social de... see more

מאמר שתקצירו: על-פי הגישה הקוגניטיבית ההגדרה של למידה היא תהליך, אשר המידע שנרכש ונשמר בו, מכוון וקובע מה יילמד בהמשך.... see more

Partner Only Material

Collection of interesting and engaging videos that help to understand learning theories.

This site is a child-applied developmental home that will take you into training, faculty, research, facilities,... see more

All in all, we hope that you find Educational Psychology a useful and accessible part of your education. If you are... see more

This electronic textbook supports a required course at Bridgewater State University in the program of study for the Early... see more

This books lays the foundation for prospective teachers to learn about various teaching methodologies and covers material... see more

This site offers research-based information, resources, and a variety of examples of topics related to school... see more

general web page for school counselors

The most COMPLETE guide to Benjamin Bloom and Bloom's taxonomy. Including the original and revised taxonomy and the 3... see more

„Kognitivni ili saznajni stil je sklop individualnih razlika u načinima opažanja, pamćenja, mišljenja i rešavanja... see more