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This lesson plan aims to provide students with many opportunities to speak in the target language as one of the purposes... see more

Writing/Reading- Connections between words/ categories. Developing vocabulary.

The website contains an easy to use search engine that provides anagrams for any word, name, phrase, or sentence that you... see more

A great site that provides links for esl teacher, adult education and civics of English language learners

There you will find information on the first resource I used for teaching strong verbs, A Guide to Writing Workshop by... see more

'America's most useful and respected dictionary – redesigned for iOS 7 to make it even more enjoyable to use. In addition... see more

The Michigan Education through Learning Objects (MELO) project is a cross-disciplinary collaborative effort that has... see more

' is a creative writing site that matches beautiful images with carefully selected keywords in order to... see more

SHINE and SAIL are two Community Service Learning projects in which students from San Francisco State University and City... see more

'This is an enhanced version of the "Spel It Rite" game. The main objective is to select the correctly spelled words as... see more

The learning site is one of those sites where children can learn by playing with words. Its index has links for reading,... see more

How do you help your students overcome their fear of the blank page? How can you make writing an exercise in personal... see more

Inspire your students to write by giving them, not one, or several, but 1000 writing ideas and prompts! Gone are the days... see more

'LEARN BY LISTENING with four fun games that improve your pre-intermediate English pronunciation. A new way for learners... see more

Site for spelling, definition, thesaurus, encyclopedia and web.

'✎ Need help with your English Grammar? ✎ Is Grammar something you need to work on? Maybe your Grammar questions are... see more

'GOT GOOD GRAMMAR? Find out the fun way with our intermediate tests for learners of English. Eliminate mistakes and build... see more

check this web site, it´s basic but good in my humble opinion Take care!!

applied linguistics, TESOL, methodology, pot-colonial literature, Internet learning

This is a lesson plan or suggestions on how one can go about in teaching simple english and grammer. Futheremore it... see more

This is a podcast to which one can subscribe. 'Build your vocabulary with Merriam-Webster's Word of the Day! Each day a... see more

Links to Internet resources for student writers

This website provides an interactive, technology-based lesson plan for students to practice classifying nouns, verbs, and... see more