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The 2021 cohort of the Every Learner Everywhere Fellowship Program reflects on their experience as Fellows and outlines... see more

Instructors share their course redesign experience after adopting adaptive learning in a language course. Instructors... see more

As part of the Every Learner Everywhere (ELE) initiative, ATD partners with a network of 11 higher education and digital... see more

During this first webinar in a series of four, faculty and staff from various partnered colleges will share their... see more

Faculty from ATD colleges that participated in the Every Learner Everywhere initiative discuss how they’ve brought... see more

In this presentation, instructors share their experiences in redesigning the first-year sequence of a language course... see more

Blinkx is a worldwide video repository (35 million +) of videos created by video social networks. You will find videos... see more

This website is a teaching commons resulting from a partnership between MERLOT and the author of the site. Other MERLOT... see more

This is a blog post with advice on course redesign. According to WCET's Russ Poulin, "I first met Jo Kroll at WCET’s old... see more

In this paper, an early intervention solution for collegiate faculty called Course Signals is discussed. Course Signals... see more

'The CSU Transitional Kindergarten Community is a an online meeting place for CSU faculty and educators across California... see more

This video presents equitable practices and high-quality, outcomes-based approaches to instruction online. In a time of... see more

Through intentionally equitable and inclusive practices in higher education, such as Differentiated Instruction,... see more

Simplify the course's content, structure, activities, and assignments in order to optimize the chances of success for... see more

The iDesign Educational Assets (iDEA) Book is your one-stop resource for research-supported instructional design. It has... see more

This guide provides a process and content to guide ongoing continuous improvement in gateway courses.

This video presents the experiences of faculty and administrators at Indian River State College during their transition... see more

This is a quiz that can be used for Popular Music History courses. It is made to test for the contents of chapter 9 in... see more

This guidebook is designed for institutional leaders and student success teams who are ready to talk openly about the... see more

This is the Community Portal for Lucknow University's Innovative and Inquiry-based Teaching Initiative. The purpose of... see more

To get started, review these recent articles and video to consider general tips, procedures, pros and cons, etc. In... see more

This OER Field Guide provides information and resources to help colleges and universities implement sustainable OER... see more