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YouTube is one of the most commonly used video search engines in the world. Did you know you can use YouTube to find... see more

Google is one of the most commonly used search engines in the world, but did you know you can use Google to find Creative... see more

The purpose of this course is to provide information and experience in using open educational resources (OER) in your... see more

This is a recording of a presentation from the Geotech Center and Directions Magazine regarding the status of open... see more

This short brochure provides examples on how to adopt and edit (especially if one does not have access to PDF editing... see more

The Information Directory lays out current events, opinions, and OER investigations related to open education in four... see more

his resource provides examples of how institutions, companies, organizations and state governments across North America... see more

OER-101 is an open-access, self-paced online "Community Course" that has been built to demonstrate how to find, adapt,... see more

This OER-focused company provides open courses with "zero textbook cost." Their curriculum comes with all the OER... see more

This OER-focused company provides open courses with "zero textbook cost." Their curriculum comes with all the OER... see more

Thousands and thousands of Open Educational Resources (OERs) offer unlimited opportunities for individualized,... see more

This collaboratively authored guide helps institutions navigate the uncharted waters of tagging course material as open... see more

Modifying an Open Textbook: What You Need to Know is a five-step guide for faculty and those who support faculty, who... see more

This is a worksheet that could be used in an OER Workshop. The questions ask people to choose between two different... see more

The Washington Community and Technical College system has gone through four rounds of statewide studies in order to... see more

The OER Accessibility Evaluation Rubric is an evaluation tool for faculty, librarians, instructional designers, and other... see more

This document contains ideas and activities to get you started with Open Educational Resources (OER). Creating, sharing... see more

The OER by Discipline Guide: the University of Ottawa is an in-progress tool suggesting open educational resources for... see more

This is a two-page document that indicates data from SUNY regarding OER use. Open Educational Resources (OER) are... see more

The OER Policy Development Tool supports institutions in formulating a OER Policy Mission Statement to be adopted and... see more

As open education resources (OER) advocates and individuals engaged in supporting the curation and creation of OER, the... see more

For students, the high cost of educational resources and textbooks can be a serious obstacle to the accessibility and... see more

Open Educational Resources (OER) provide equal access to resources at no cost to students. This toolkit provides... see more

The "OER Toolkit for Trades Instructors: Adopting an Open Education Resource & Integrating it into a Trades Course"... see more