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For this assignment we will explore the impact of gender and race on the earnings of full-time workers in 2000. The... see more

In addition to a quantitative analysis that involves univariate, bivariate, and multivariate analysis, this module... see more

You most likely learned in your Introduction to Sociology, Social Problems, and Family classes that traditional... see more

פעילות במתמטיקה העוסקת במציאת קבוצות אמת של מערכת משוואות בשני משתנים ממעלה ראשונה. קיימות שתי שיטות למציאת קבוצות אמת של... see more

This course is the study of descriptive statistics; probability; discrete and continuous (including binomial, normal and... see more

To some the mere thought of "Illuminations" may bring to mind Walter Benjamin's classic work, and still others may... see more

This module, created by Kathy Rowell of Sinclair Community College, will focus on frequencies and percentages as well as... see more

Customizable worksheet for practicing mean, median, mode, and range calculations. Creates a printable PDF with up to 20... see more

This module provides a gentle introduction to the use of StudentChip software and census data to investigate basic... see more

Twenty-eight lesson plans make up this research-based fourth- through sixth-grade fraction and decimal curriculum,... see more

Twenty-eight lesson plans make up this research-based fourth- through sixth-grade fraction and decimal curriculum,... see more

In this module you will have the opportunity to explore the frequency of different types of residential moves carried out... see more

This math lesson from Illuminations uses squares to represent equivalences involving square- and cube-roots. Students... see more

This activity, created by Jim Wright of the University of Central Florida, provides a look at the urban structure of... see more

In this assignment you will use U.S. census data to get an overview of housing patterns (ownership and types of housing)... see more

This opening assignment for an introductory quantitative reasoning course asks students to write about "Numbers We Should... see more

Created by Edith Seier of East Tennessee State University, this lesson by means of a simple story and a worksheet with... see more

Se introduce el concepto de extremos absolutos para funciones de dos variables y cómo calcularlos cuando la región es... see more

This lesson plan is appropriate for Middle and High school students. It involves building algebraic equations with with a... see more

En este artículo vamos a presentar los procedimientos estadísticos adecuados para analizar los resultados académicos de... see more

En este artículo vamos a presentar la aplicación del Análisis de la Varianza (ANOVA) a datos del tiempo de acceso a... see more

This fall I will be teaching a new course entitled “Applied Mathematics” which is intended for students who demonstrate a... see more

In this lesson from Math Machines, students will use graphing calculators to send signals to each other and to machines... see more

Using cooperative learning methods, this lesson introduces distributions for univariate data, emphasizing how... see more