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The study explores how Pakistani and German young people perceive their identities. It also identifies the factors, which... see more

This site includes a complete collection of historical documents and images, and two animations, related to the death of... see more

Life After Hate, Inc., a 501(c)(3) U.S. nonprofit, was created in 2009 by former members of the American violent... see more

This hour-long show looks at the lives of inmates and their families, from a call-in radio show for prisoners and their... see more

This site includes a comprehensive collection of historical documents, images and videos related to the famous expedition... see more

This site includes an extensive collection of historical documents and images related to the Vikings and their legendary... see more

This site offers users the opportunity to take a brief quiz that assesses the extent of their "ecological footprint,"... see more

A New Advocacy Path at Treehouse e-Case tells the story of an executive director’s decision to shift her organization’s... see more

The Backyard Initiative is a collaborative, community-led endeavor in Minneapolis that seeks to improve community health... see more

The historic neglect of the US government and military in providing services to help military members transition from... see more

This series of short films focuses on the activities, the challenges, and the dreams of scientists, engineers, and... see more

Andrew was by far the most expensive natural disaster in history (up to that date), with estimated damages exceeding $20... see more

One of the most memorable tornado outbreaks in Illinois history occurred on April 19, 1996. During the day, 33 tornadoes... see more

Increasingly people in nonprofits, business, government, and community groups realize that they must collaborate if they... see more

This e-Study serves as a resource for the exploration and understanding of Collective Impact. On January 24, 2013, over... see more

The CorpWatch site is a collection of articles examining the role corporations play in the United States and the world... see more

This series of three e-Cases describes how Life’s WORC created a culture of empowerment supported by strong performance... see more

Early childhood care and education are integral to the daily lives of many American families, and public policy... see more

This handbook is intended for anthropologists to help them consider ethical issues in their own research and to help them... see more

Act 8 of the 2005 Special Session of the Hawai‘i State Legislature (Act 8) established the Hawai‘i 2050 Task Force (Task... see more

This case highlights the integrative leadership practices of several people and groups that organized the campaign to end... see more

This article is an in depth analysis of He’eia Fishpond and the Watershed in which it is located. It covers topography,... see more

Cultural landscapes, where human settlements are in harmony with nature, are important assets for sustainability. This... see more

Attorney Jason Moore is a Criminal Defense Lawyer based in Farmville, VA. He works with Price Benowitz and focuses his... see more