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The website "Mundo latino" creates a webpage for links to the best websites on Latin American writers. These include... see more

Entertainment guide for Spain. You can find information on restaurants, music and cultural events, movies, etc.

The site provides information on the 247 countries and regions of the world. The site also includes world themes, e.g.,... see more

This site presents a photojournal about European's largest minority, the Gypsies. The site includes information on who... see more

The site offers a historical account of the events leading up to the discovery of the new world, the conquest, and the... see more

You will find resources for students who speak Spanish as their primary language and you will also find links for... see more

A world atlas in digitized form. The digitized images include the continents, ocean floors, and countries of the world.... see more

This Spanish-language site exposes students to the vast collection of paintings housed in Madrid's Museo Joaquín Sorolla.... see more

A wonderful site to learn about the painter Juan Miro through a visit of the museum. Music and Spanish-catalan... see more

Collection of modern Latin American art that is organized into six broad themes and searchable. Available in Spanish,... see more

Latino USA is an English-language radio program of news and culture, produced from a Latino perspective. Its purpose is... see more

Site containing variety of resources on Spanish language for teachers and students, free lessons, activities,... see more

For teachers who include music into their lesson plans, this site is a wonderful resource! The site provides listeners... see more

"Madrileños por el mundo" provides a glimpse into the lives of Spaniards residing overseas.

Reference site with information on mexican geography, history, fiestas and tourism. The information is sometimes sketchy.... see more

Visit of the museum with commentaries in Spanish. All painting are in images and have very good colors.

view and explanation of paintings of the museum with monthly new presentations.

This site includes the poetry of the major Spanish and Latin American poets. The poetry dates from the Spanish Romanceros... see more

Radio Nacional de España provides all types programs for all tastes -music, sports, culture or news. There are several... see more

This site provide a complete treatment of the history of the Sephardic Jews in Spain. There are additional links to a... see more

An excellent site to learn about Cuban musical genres, composers, musicians, regionalisms, instruments. The site also... see more

Downloadable songs in Quechua with transcriptions in Quechua and English.

The course facilitates a close reading of Don Quixote in the artistic and historical context of renaissance and baroque... see more

Spanish for Music Lovers is a collection of song texts with vocablary in Spanish and English. The songs range from Los... see more