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This course focuses on the legal mechanisms to protect distinctive logos, slogans and other visual marks associated with... see more

About the Course By taking up basic items regarding Trust Law, the class will have students acquire fundamental... see more

In this badge program, we’ll introduce you to the world of trusts and the amazing benefits they can bestow. This program... see more

This course looks at the circumstances under which one person (or organization) can be held liable for the actions of... see more

In this course, we’ll focus on the criminal laws that relate to crimes that typically don’t feature violence or force. We... see more

This course covers the device that allows people to transfer assets after death, an exception to the general rule that... see more

This course provides a comprehensive overview of workers’ compensation law. Though workers’ compensation law varies from... see more

This course addresses the relationship between technology-related problems and the law applicable to work environment.... see more

This course is designed to offer an advanced introduction to key legal issues that arise in the area of property and... see more

The Workshop on Deliberative Democracy and Dispute Resolution, sponsored by the Program on Negotiation at Harvard Law... see more

This architectural studio will have one main project for the semester: to explore the issues surrounding the redesign of... see more