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The 2007-2008 Participation Agreement for New System Partners provides the list of services MERLOT will provide the... see more

The 2007-2008 Participation Agreement for Renewing System Partners provides the list of services MERLOT will provide the... see more

These are the slides Martin used for the short technology update presentation

Technology update delivered at the 2010 MERLOT Midyear Meeting held at CSU Office of the Chancellor, February 4-5, 2010

This document provides an overview of the MERLOT Teaching Commons which is a Contribute website with MERLOT services... see more

Gerry Hanley's PowerPoint presentation to the MERLOT Project Directors, Editorial Boards, and Advisory Board at MERLOT's... see more

PowerPoint slides presented by Nancy Kerner, University of Michigan, at the 2011 MidYear Meeting. Overview of UofM... see more

Update on the partnership with McGraw-Hill Learning Solutions. Goal of this relationship is to advance the"Accelerating... see more

This is a presentation scheduled at 11 AM Saturday for the Editors.

Participants in the Workforce Development Intiative reviewed their priorities and we developed an action plan for the... see more

This is the presentation for Workforce Development scheduled for Thursday at 1 PM.

This handbook serves as a policy and procedures manual for the Workforce Development Taskforce Members. It includes their... see more

Presentation at 2011 conference with INACAP and Meital

This document reviews MERLOT's 15% Solution strategy to recognize and certify active MERLOT members for the... see more

A CSU plan for having faculty substitute OER from MERLOT and other digital libraries and CSU library resources for... see more

The PowerPoint was presented at the 2009 MERLOT Midyear Meeting and contains information about MERLOT's 2008 metrics... see more

PowerPoint presentation for the MERLOT Leadership Council at the annual MERLOT Midyear Meeting held the CSU Office of the... see more

Agenda for the MidYear Meeting held January 27-28, 2011, at the CSU Office of the Chancellor, Long Beach, CA.

Partner Only Material

This is the annual report on the productivity of the 23 Editorial Boards of MERLOT.  It measures the contributions of... see more