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MIT presents this material on chemical engineering as part of their free online open courseware. Materials from... see more

This site is the electronic version of a magazine for engineers and technicians. It has useful projects and information... see more

Cogent Engineering is a fully peer-reviewd, open access, international scholarly journal with a mission to help... see more

This series of lectures, created by Gilbert Strang of the Massachusetts Institute of Technology, provides a review of... see more

This page presents activities related to Conduction from the Science & Engineering in the Lives of Students project.... see more

Wireless means radio in its broadest sense. However, in the early 21st century, wireless refers primarily to the two... see more

This page presents activities related to Convection from the Science & Engineering in the Lives of Students project.... see more

In both Europe and the USA, researchers and policy makers have recognized the potential of converging technologies to... see more

This resource provides an interactive activity demonstrating how when two nuclei are close enough, electrons move around... see more

This high school activity from the Florida Advanced Technological Education (FL-ATE) Center asks students to design and... see more

The Florida Advanced Technological Education Center offers this �learning challenge� to middle schoolers, challenging... see more

These classroom materials for high school students, developed by the Engineering Technology Pathway, integrate critical... see more

Design Squad resources to find hands-on engineering, science, and technology activities. Audiences include teachers,... see more

The Digital Commons Network: Engineering Commons contains 114,500+ Open Access full-text articles pertaining to... see more

This page presents activities related to distribution of electricity from the Science & Engineering in the Lives of... see more

Home page of the "Dream It. Do It." workforce development campaign launched by the National Association of Manufacturers... see more

This web page, authored by Hugh Jack of Grand Valley State University, provides free links to the chapters of a text... see more

Initially developed in 1992 as a collection of K-12 teaching materials within mathematics and the sciences, and... see more

This website provides a variety of resources on electronics topics, such as chapters, worksheets and problems in a pdf... see more

This 10:16 video considers use and safety regarding electricity. The video describes the fundamentals of electricity... see more

These interactive learning objects focus on concepts that cover a broad-based electromechanical program. The majority of... see more

This is a web site for emerging electronic designs and innovations. The site features a number of articles on electronic... see more

This website includes links to a wide range of tutorials on topics from electronics for beginners to PIC... see more

The links on this page are to background information which students taking electronics courses (particularly PHY2003,... see more