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You can create an attractive PowerPoint presentation today. Get basic visual communication pointers and take the... see more

This site contains links to information about genetic and rare conditions. The home page has an extensive, alphabetical... see more

An animated graphic of an action potential that illustrates how the movement of ions creates the movement of the action... see more

This collection of  tutorial offers excellent images associated with anatomy and physiology. The brain tutorial provides... see more

This cool site has synthetically engineered sentences that have the consonants taken out - and you can still understand... see more

CECP promotes collaboration among Federal agencies serving children with or at risk of developing emotional disabilities.... see more

Three dimensional NMR pictures of first trimester human embryos. For each stage you can click on a particular slice to... see more

This site is a copyrighted site.  A physician by the name of Ahmed Sinav, M.D. originally authored it.  It appears he is... see more

Image based tour of the CNS, with labeled images, computer graphic reconstructions of brain structures and pathways, and... see more

"Here is a small collection of tutorials and demonstrations related to our senses. Choose a topic and have fun." John H.... see more

This is a collection of Illustrations of clinical neuroanatomy.  Click on the links, and then on the specific brain... see more

collection of tutorials on basic neural functions. Such tutorials should be appropriate for courses in biopsychology,... see more

This site from Penn State provides resources related to literacy instruction for persons with disabilities. Includes case... see more

The American Speech-Language-Hearing Association is the professional, scientific, and credentialing association for... see more

This fabulous and worthy tribute to Dr. Willard Zemlin who authored one of the foremost and comprehensive anatomy texts... see more

' ANIMATED Auditory Demonstrations II: Challenges to Speech Communication and Music Listening is a collection of animated... see more

This site provides links to inventories and other measurement tools for assessment of teamwork skill: "The first step in... see more

This is an interactive attention test by Cognitive Labs.  It measures mental quickness, flexibility, and decision... see more

  This site provides information about the Audiological Society of Australia: "The Code of Ethics and the Practice... see more

' Auditory Demonstrations in Acoustics and Hearing Conservation is a series of auditory demonstrations that illustrate... see more

Hear some simulations of what a cochlear implant sounds like. Also a short video of a cochlear implant surgery by Dr.... see more

This is a collection of resources exploring critical thinking skills in education, along with the ethics and logic of... see more

This is a free download program that will allow you to set up cue cards to learn material from classes.  It also allows... see more

Excellent site developed by the Pathways foundation demonstrating abnormal movement disorders in infants.