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The Materials Science and Technology Teacher's Workshop (MAST) provides this activity to illustrate the principles of... see more

Introduction to color theory with digital design.

Helping students to understand the relationship between historical figures and the environments in which they lived.... see more

Hospital Comparison of Riverside, Sentara, and Norfolk General

This is an interactive PowerPoint that guides students through the steps of how Bill is passed into law in the United... see more

How Do Body Systems Work Together is a Stand Alone Instructional Resource. It focuses on how the Nervous, Skeletal and... see more

This is a lesson plan for an interactive project used to as a unit wrap-up assignment for The Adventures of Huckleberry... see more

The purpose of this group exercise is to have participants develop a set of documents for professional job description,... see more

Here you will find a copy of my Instructional Design Plan created for CEP 811. I believe this plan will give an... see more

To some the mere thought of "Illuminations" may bring to mind Walter Benjamin's classic work, and still others may... see more

This lesson plan is desgined for a 10th grade United States History class. The lesson prompts students to investigate the... see more

We discuss how we have incorporated a community-based research project into a course on the Economics of Poverty in which... see more

Link to a fun crossword as an introduction to insects.

The resources here are created by teachers and small independent educational publishers. Includes reading, writing,... see more

The Earth Through Time module examines our planet in terms of its major systems; the atmosphere, hydrosphere, cryosphere,... see more

En este artículo vamos a presentar las características básicas de la documentación informativa

En este artículo vamos a presentar las características básicas de las fuentes de información. Una fuente documental es el... see more

En este artículo realizamos una introducción a las principales políticas de gestión de recursos humanos implementadas en... see more

The assessment tasks were created as part of an introductory module to Choreography, aimed at year 1 undergraduates... see more

Performance Objective Upon completion of this lesson, the student will develop an understanding of the role of the human... see more

Homework to provide students with a introductory understanding of the discipline of Software Engineering.

Various OpenCourseWare initiatives at institutions like Kyoto University and the University of Notre Dame have been met... see more

From Vitruvius to Philip Johnson, the history of architecture features a fabulous cast of characters and diverse set of... see more