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A collection of example Java applets and animations from the University of Oregon.

'Explore the upper airway with a 3D simulator. The Upper Respiratory Virtual Lab forms a unique transition between... see more

In this activity on page 5 of the PDF, learners compare water with artificial urine to see how urinalysis works. Learners... see more

This applet computes the EGL and HGL for a simple linear pipe system

Van der Waals isotherms are presented with interactive simulation power. The Maxwell construction is available as a... see more

This flash simulation demonstrates the addition of vectors. An apparently unlimited number of vectors can be displayed... see more

Shockwave applet adds vectors chosen by the user.

VideoSync may be used as a method of synchronizing an existing digital video with its transcript and generating a... see more

Approaches in computational cell biology are coupled with high resolution light microscopy to facilitate the interplay... see more

Virtual Dentist is a professional dental simulation application that enables users to upload a photo and try out a... see more

'Virtual Heart lets you explore multiple real-time views of the human heart, using the same highly realistic visual... see more

The file describes three 'Virtual Laboratories in Molecular and Cell Biology' which can be down-loaded from Jorum.... see more

The Virtual Microscope project provides cost-free simulated scientific instrumentation for students and researchers... see more

"Virtual plants" are computer simulations of the structural development and growth of individual plants in 3-D space.... see more

Applet that sets up a sample circuit, for which the user is tested on certain questions concerning the voltage in the... see more

The VRML File Creator for Chemical Structures is an online service for the generation of VRML scenes from your 2D or 3D... see more

Utility allows user to set parameters of various crystal structures, from which the utility creates a .wrl file for... see more

This applet illustrates the Wahlund effect and partitioning of genetic diversity for five populations. Users may select... see more

A large collection of applets covering many basic topics in physics. Many foreign-language versions available. Source... see more

A program to illustrate the appearance of fast moving objects due to special relativity. Effects modeled are: the Lorentz... see more

Move through the water cycle with questions from Agriculture, Science, and General categories. Play against yourself, or... see more

Demonstrates the transmission of waves through dense media (reflection and refraction).

Scriptable tools for visualizing the properties of electromagnetic waves.

This interactive simulation enable user to investigate the effect of temperature on the behavior of an fictional ideal... see more