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The burden of cardiovascular disease as a chronic illness increasingly requires patients to assume more responsibility... see more

In nursing, the prevalence rates of compassion fatigue and burnout are high. Better education and training may have a... see more

The CDC website provides useful fact sheets on diabetes to share with patients to help them manage their diabetes and... see more

Quizlet flashcards containing information regarding fluids and electrolytes

The Helene Fuld Health Trust National Institute for Evidence-based Practice (EBP) in Nursing and Healthcare is excited to... see more

Grounding Mini-Meditation with Aromatherapy Lesson Plan By Nancyruth Leibold, EdD, RN, MSN, PHN, CNE, AHN-BC This virtual... see more

Reference guide for auscultating heart murmurs and abnormal heart sounds: S3 & S4

The HESI Exit Exam is an assessment exam used by various Nursing programs to determine whether a student is ready to take... see more

Framework of Text and Welcome The Holistic Nursing and Culture: Body, Mind, and Spirit (Book 1 of a holistic series is an... see more

Framework of Text and Welcome The Holistic Nursing and Healing Environmentsis an interactive open textbook that focuses... see more

Educational content for specialized health professions.

The National Council of State Boards of Nursing (NCSBN) is a not-for-profit organization whose purpose is to provide an... see more

Step by step guide to drawing blood for nursing students.

A great site to look up medications and check drug IV compatibility

Use this guide to help you formulate nursing interventions for impaired gas exchange nursing care plan and nursing... see more

Globally, health information technologies are now being used by nurses in a variety of settings. However, nurse leaders... see more

Background Improper practices and unprofessional conduct in clinical research have been shown to waste a significant... see more

A resource that includes step by step instructions for handing secondary IV fluids. The wesbite includes termoninolgy... see more

Welcome to this learning module about epidemiology! My name is Dr. Nancyruth Leibold and I am the author and facilitator... see more

A collection of videos discussing content covered on the NCLEX-RN. Great for student nurses preparing to take NCLEX, as... see more

Information on heart failure and LVADs. Information available about care of the caregivers of LVAD recipents as well.... see more