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This free resource is offering "neuroscience based music channels" that will 'increase attention span up to 400%.' '50%... see more

A site intended for the practice of French, be it for grammar, morphology, general cultural knowledge, vocabulary or text... see more provides free downloads of digital vocabulary lists in 30+ languages. The lists are integrated into a learning... see more

This website provides free flashcards covering pediatric topics that may appear on the NCLEX. It shows time spent on the... see more

This website was created to reduce the costs of high schoolers and college students studying aural skills. It features... see more

A Quebec French language series with audio and video and text. A modular approach to the French language as spoken in... see more

Exercises in French pronunciation, basic grammar, and conversation. Audio practice now added.

This site contains tons of interactive French exercises. There are listening, reading and writing exercises. The... see more

Vocabulary and Grammar exercises (crossword puzzles, scrambles and fill-ins). These exercises are available free of... see more

Teachers if you are looking for a site, in which your students can learn, play games or just have fun doing both then... see more

This website is a great educational website, especially for developing spelling skills. It is very useful and very... see more

Select a language from the menu (French, German, Spanish are available [for that matter, so is English]). Intended to... see more

A complete course in Basic Physics presented one question at a time - Interactive study guide in basic physics with... see more

This website discusses real-world uses of algebra in fields of interest to students such as music, fashion, and... see more

Diagnostic and Practice Exercises in German on comparisons and the superlative. Immediate feedback. This module is part... see more

Guía dirigida a administradores, profesores y estudiantes. Contiene los conceptos y herramientas esenciales en un formato... see more

Print Hebrew signs without Hebrew support. Mouse click on the on screen keyboard and the letters will appear on the... see more

A grammar book and interactive exercises for advanced students of Spanish. Includes articles on Latin America.

Exercises and games in French ,German, Spanish and Italian to engage FL learners.

Hiragana (Japanese characters) drag-n-drop exercise.

This is the fourth lesson of four about what maps show us. This web site covers Investigation and Interpretations... see more

'A story about a playful and pleasing little dog who places fun in front of obeying the rules. The lessons Gronk learns... see more

This one-hour, Web-based course on Java uses a combination of video, audio, graphics, and text to provide flexible,... see more