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Community building in online distance education is important to a successful learning experience because it alleviates... see more

This is a search page from SERC (Science Education Research Center) that provides links to a variety of articles on... see more

Because online learning presents unique challenges for not only learners but faculty and administrators as well, those... see more

This study was conducted with data mining (DM) techniques to analyze various patterns of online learning behaviors, and... see more

Discovery learning spaces may be created in online learning environments to encourage learner-directed training and... see more

Poster Session from "Weaving Patterns of Practice," 2008 POD Network/NCSPOD Conference. We have applied the model of... see more

Poster Session from "Weaving Patterns of Practice," 2008 POD Network/NCSPOD Conference. As part of a 10-year review and... see more

This page is a portal to an in-depth exploration of integrating student peer review into introductory-level geoscience... see more

This website provides an overview of different role-playing types and techniques available through the Starting Point:... see more

This Starting Point Module contains information on teaching with models geoscience education. Modeling is fundamental to... see more

Starting Point's introduction to the use of field labs in entry level geoscience classes. The page is a portal to lab... see more

The article presents the findings of a recent longitudinal study that compares student perception of instruction scores... see more

This study analyzes student preference, satisfaction and perceived learning in an online college mathematics course for... see more

With the rapid increase of online courses and programs, effective methods for teaching behavioral-based skills online... see more

Teachers, instructors and faculty are facing unprecedented change, with often larger classes, more diverse students,... see more

The integration of multimedia and computer-assisted learning in the teaching of functional anatomy has been reported to... see more

In this paper the challenges and benefits of utilizing technology as a tool in classroom management are examined from the... see more

In the context of the future of learning management systems, this paper examines the concept and perception of a learning... see more

In this paper, published in the ?Online Journal of Distance Learning Administration,? the authors, Kay M. Perrin and... see more

Epistemological beliefs and self-regulated learning skills, as meta-cognitive constructs, have been suggested as being... see more

The Visible Knowledge Project (VKP) was a collaborative scholarship of teaching and learning project exploring the impact... see more

Poster Session from "Weaving Patterns of Practice," 2008 POD Network/NCSPOD Conference. This poster describes a new... see more

What do you think of this resource? Please click this link to complete a quick survey Download the... see more

With our unique focus on writing, our innovative web-born format and our open review process, we seek to move beyond the... see more