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Additional rules on use of commas. CEFR Activity: Production / Writing CEFR Can-Do: B1: Spelling, punctuation and layout... see more

Interactive tutorial on article usage shows definite, indefinite, and zero articles used in authentic texts, offers... see more

Internet, task-based English grammar work. Excellent activities with contextualized structures.

An online developmental writing guide. Contains nearly 200 interactive applications to help students work from a basic... see more

Understanding and recording information.   CEFR Activity: Reception / Reading.   Can-Do Statement: Can understand the... see more

Contains 40000+ entries with brief definitions and examples. Also features Activities, a Pronunciation Guide, as well as... see more

A free online pronouncing dictionary with Instant Sound. American and British spellings, with British English... see more

' Read how you can finally learn to speak English quickly by curating your own free and hugely effective social learning... see more

ESL students can watch the trailer for the film, Lord of the Rings, and complete a cloze exercise based on the script.

The MoodleReader Module is a freeware, open-source module has been developed over the past two years as a means for... see more

Rules and examples that show how to use commas. CEFR Activity: Production / Writing CEFR Can-Do: B1: Spelling,... see more

Video, questions, answers and hints.   CEFR Activity: Reception / Reading.   Can-Do Statement: Can understand the main... see more

Wide variety of resources for classroom debates. CEFR Domain: Public. CEFR Activity: Production / Speaking - Sustained... see more

Forums for on-line discussions between students and teachers of English the world over. An added attraction is Cyrano's... see more

This site features interactive vocabulary tests and games and an exhaustive online reference grammar searchable by topic... see more

ESL listening practice. Native speakers talk and discuss topics similar to those that appear on the TOEFL and IELTS... see more

Courses, grammar exercises, word jumbles, games, jokes, email, recommended books and links, clipart, forums, chats, job... see more

20 slides explain paragraphs and topic sentences. CEFR Activity: Reception / Reading. Can-Do Statement: Can scan longer... see more

3 exercises from Alice Oshima and Ann Hogue, Writing Academic English, 2nd Edition (New York: Longman, 1991). CEFR... see more

French & English verb conjugation, translation & testing.

The Virtual Language Centre is a resource-assisted eLearning website for studying English. The VLC is an eLearning system... see more

Online resource to lead writers through the process of English composition.

Hyperlinked index to interactive exercises, reading topics, grammar. explanations and practice tests. National Framework... see more

This listening comprehension activity has an introduction and 3 parts. It includes listening to simple dialogues and... see more