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Applet and tutorial, with quiz, worksheet, references, and SPICE model.

Applet and tutorial, with quiz, references, worksheet, and SPICE model.

This program generates polyhedra with a symmetry of one of the crystallographic pointgroups. After the menu for the... see more

Applet generates crystallographic polyhedra from point group symmetries and displays them in 3D.

This simulation demonstrates "Necking" in a polymer specimen being stretched in a idealised material. A stress/strain... see more

A series of applets on basic quantum physics. Topics include stationary states, superposition of states, and NH3 and... see more

This page is meant to be an introduction to the field of Quasicrystals in order to educate the interested reader on some... see more

Displays the sequence from four main radioactive decay series.

Web assignment on radioactive decay, using an embedded applet by Fu-Kwun Hwang.

Web assignment on radioactive decay using an applet by Yevgeniy Miretskiy. Assignment is qualitative and requires no... see more

This tutorial explains how resistance to current flow occurs at the molecular level, and shows how an electric conductor... see more

RSDP is a printing utility for Rietveld data and powder diffraction simulation data. This software is FREEWARE and runs... see more

Powder diffraction difference plot viewer for RIETAN's IGOR files

An applet that demonstrates the operation of an STM.

Images and information about single element (Group IV elements) or binary (III-V or II-VI elements) semiconductors. A... see more

This interactive lesson deals with all aspects of accuracy, precision, error, and significant figures. Includes... see more

Applet and tutorial includes quiz, references, SPICE/CAD simulation, and worksheet.

This Java applet demonstrates some physical effects of Einstein's Special Relativity. On the left is a graph of "space",... see more

This applet shows the impact of a curved space, in this case a sphere, on the transport of vectors. Also shown is the... see more

Java Stereograms plots stereographic projections of poles onto a Wulff net. The pole distribution is determined by the... see more

Applet for displaying stereographic projections on to a Wulff net (quasicrystals) - test

Applet generates atom positions using space groups and displays structure in 3D.

Clicking on each element produces an extensive listing of data on that element and its isotopes.

A tutorial on elementary particle physics. Topics discussed include fundamental forces and their relative strengths, the... see more