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This is an introduction to the study of the solar system with emphasis on the latest spacecraft results. The subject... see more

This class introduces the student to the use of small telescopes, either for formal research or as a hobby. This course... see more

This course covers the basic principles of planet atmospheres and interiors applied to the study of extrasolar planets... see more

This course is a series of presentations on an advanced topic in the field of geology by the visiting William Otis Crosby... see more

This course covers examination of the state of knowledge of planetary formation, beginning with planetary nebulas and... see more

In this course, principles of thermodynamics are used to infer the physical conditions of formation and modification of... see more

Advanced Igneous Petrology covers the history of and recent developments in the study of igneous rocks. Students review... see more

12.491 is a seminar focusing on problems of current interest in geology and geochemistry. For Fall 2005, the topic is... see more

This course is designed for advanced undergraduate and graduate students with an interest in using primary research... see more

This graduate level course presents a basic study in seismology and the utilization of seismic waves for the study of... see more

This seminar will focus on dynamical change in biogeochemical cycles accompanying early animal evolution -- beginning... see more

In this class we will critically review both classical works and recent literature on complexity in ecology. The emphasis... see more

In this class we will critically review both classical works and recent literature on ecological theory. Emphasis will be... see more

This course deals with mechanics of deformation of the crust and mantle, with emphasis on the importance of different... see more

12.524 is a survey of the mechanical behavior of rocks in natural geologic situations. Topics will include a brief survey... see more

This cross-disciplinary course aims to understand the historical development and the current status of ideas and models,... see more

The main objective of this cross-disciplinary course is to understand the historical development and the current status... see more

The Core Mantle Boundary (CMB) represents one of the most important physical and chemical discontinuities of the deep... see more

We will study the fundamental principles of classical mechanics, with a modern emphasis on the qualitative structure of... see more

This class examines tools, data, and ideas related to past climate changes as seen in marine, ice core, and continental... see more

This course is an introduction to chemical oceanography. It describes reservoir models and residence time, major ion... see more

This class is designed to provide the student with a global to molecular-level perspective of organic matter cycling in... see more

In this year's Geodynamics Seminar, we will explore the depth and breadth of scientific research related to Earth's... see more

In this year's seminar, we will embark on a scientific journey through some of the most controversial topics about the... see more