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This video was recorded at 12th IAPSS Academic Conference and General Assembly, Ljubljana 2009. The lecture provides a... see more

This book is open access under a CC BY-NC-SA 3.0 IGO license.

This video was recorded at 2nd CEE/SEE Regional Colloquium Capacity Building on Global Governance and the UN System:... see more

COMPS consists of an array of instrumentation both offshore and along Florida's west coast, combined with numerical... see more

Student teams collect rain-gauge data and compared it with radar-derived precipitation estimates. They use GIS to analyze... see more

A great on-line resource for introducing students to contour plots.

This video was recorded at Conference on Climate Change: An Opportunity for Growth, Brdo pri Kranju 2007. The Climate... see more

This lesson introduces students to sustainability concepts and ISO 14001, an international standard encouraging pollution... see more

A collection of repeat photography of glaciers from the National Snow and Ice Data Center (NSIDC). The photos are taken... see more

A series of online lesson plans help students in grades 8 – 10 to enhance their graph reading skills while learning about... see more

In this activity students explore the Earth's radiation budget using Earth radiation Budget Experiment (ERBE) data... see more

This video was recorded at MIT World Series: RLE 60th Anniversary Colloquia Series - Beyond the Limits. As urgency to... see more

Students explore a Global Energy Balance Climate Model Using Stella II. Response of surface temperature to variations in... see more

This interactive provides a new way for students to look at issues related to energy and climate change. In the scenarios... see more

This online calculator converts from one energy unit to another - from gallons to British thermal units (Btu),... see more

This animation illustrates how heat energy from deep in Earth can be utilized to generate electricity at a large scale.

In recent decades we have observed a significant reduction of the cryosphere due to anthropogenic climate change. The... see more

We will discuss sciences and societal consequences of air pollution problems such as  Photochemical smog Atmospheric... see more

Each quarter is devoted to current topics in the field of Earth System Science. Topics addressed vary each quarter. For... see more

The composition and circulation of the atmosphere with a focus on explaining the fundamentals of weather and climate.... see more

This video was recorded at Workshop on Approximate Inference in Stochastic Processes and Dynamical Systems, Cumberland... see more

This NASA animation of the Five-Year Average Global Temperature Anomalies from 1881 to 2009 shows how temperature... see more

This video was recorded at 3rd International AAAI Conference on Weblogs and Social Media (ICWSM), San Jose 2009. Blogs... see more

Show how clouds and fog are created with a very simple physical model. Materials needed are: A large 1 gallon jar, latex... see more