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AfricArxiv is a free, open access, interdisciplinary preprint & postprint service for dissemination, distribution, and... see more

Diet tip information regarding phosphorus intake and chronic kidney disease

Learn about continuous ambulatory (CAPD) and continuous cycling (CCPD) peritoneal dialysis treatments you do at home—how... see more

Provides academic laboratory safety aspects and impacts.

Explains in an easy-to-read format how food affects hemodialysis patients and describes the role of fluids, potassium,... see more

Overview of hemodialysis treatment for kidney failure, including information on home and in-center dialysis, preparation,... see more

A provider explains the purpose, process, and benefits of AV fistula surgery. Learn more at... see more

It is clear Interface has successfully dispelled the myth that focusing on sustainability negatively affects the bottom... see more

A University of Hawaii at Hilo student has published an anthology of climate-themed stories written by fellow classmates... see more

To explore more opportunities with the Sustainable Living Institute of Maui, including more upcoming events and... see more

Due to its close linkage to changes in ocean heat content and melting land ice, global mean sea level (GMSL) is one of... see more

When people use electricity in their homes, the electrical power is probably generated by burning coal or natural gas, by... see more

Gamification  can  be used to  effectpositive  behavioral change in various fields, including  energy  conservation.This ... see more

The Planetary Report is the internationally recognized flagship magazine of The Planetary Society, featuring lively... see more

This is the second book in this series, written to help develop essential skills in using Adobe Photoshop. This book is... see more

XML has become an important aspect of computing. It plays a crucial role in data interchange and manipulation. Several... see more

This book is the first in a series on Artificial Intelligence. It provides an introduction to the topic with an emphasis... see more

The book is about writing applications for Android and is a continuation of the previous book in this series. Among other... see more

Scholar-CNKI ( is the largest aggregator and distribution of academic digital resources in China. CNKI has... see more

Scientists have found that sunscreen from bathers releases significant quantities of polluting TiO2 (titanium dioxide)... see more

This site contains a video about how to use the microscope, a quiz, and a virtual practice lab exercise.

Brownfield redevelopment itself is a sustainable development practice. Reusing a brownfield site offers additional... see more