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This guide lists and reviews 61 web sites with catalogs of astronomical images that are useful for both formal and... see more

'The ItrainOnline MMTK is a growing collection of "workshop kits" for face-to-face training. The materials use a standard... see more

Developers of Web and CD-ROM-based multimedia need an authoring tool for making their materials accessible to persons... see more

'Smart Recorder is a full featured recorder offering many features beyond what is available in the built in voice memos... see more

Zamzar is a free file conversion tool that allows user to convert and save YouTube Videos directly from URL address or... see more

'In February and March, 2008, The eLearning Guild conducted a survey of its members, asking for their favorite tips for... see more

In its most basic sense, a podcast is an audio file. Some contend that the term should be reserved for serialized content... see more

When the pandemic suspended most in-person learning, colleges and universities turned to video technologies as one of... see more

Virtual labs are interactive, digital simulations of activities that typically take place in physical laboratory... see more